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Are kiki and shout dating

The girls ask the Princess why she doesn't want to marry the Prince.She agrees that he's charming but says that something is missing.Before the Princess can tell the girls why the wedding is off, Twist falls down with her mattress. She asks Twist to do it again, and Twist refuses, but he does it again much to the Princess's amusement.The Princess is having fun laughing at Twist's humor.The Prince comes in front of the apartment building. Twist and Shout describe the Princess for him, and the Prince asks if any harm has befallen her.Shout says that she's living inside their "castle".When the Prince jumps out of the pretend cake, Harper accidentally shoves a real cake into the Princess' face!The Prince is so upset that he shoves another cake in his own face, which the Princess finds very funny, and they have fun laughing at each other.

She offers to let the Fresh Beats play at her wedding. The apartments are like mini-castles without a moat, a drawbridge, and a jester, and the Princess happily accepts this and says that she's just brought a few things with her. So, I decided to make the show sound much more realistic. I rolled my eyes at how gushy and lovey-dovey they are. We all stared at Twist with wide eyes as if he was a madman. "I didn't know that she was serious." He said quietly. That's all." I said while patting him on the back."Yeah, they'll get over it as soon as the test is over. But the fact that they used teens that act NOTHING LIKE TEENS is just sad. Kiki, who was holding Twist's hand skipped happily towards Melody. Kiki let go of his hands and ran back to her seat when she saw Ms. He hung his head down after seeing her disappointed face. They're just mad at the moment because they don't want to fail the class. The Prince and Princess have a wonderful wedding, and the Prince is still acting very funny.After the wedding, the Prince thanks the Fresh Beats for helping him win back the Princess, and then he gets his foot stuck much to the Princess's amusement (and visibly Marina's amusement). Melody gives them a grape smoothie with two straws.

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